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Memorial Weekend just ahead...

Kabetogama/Namakan fishing report from Wade Watson (Voyageurs Adventures/Kabfishing)

Wet and windy is how i would describe the latest weather. Caution and common sense kept many of us off the water for a day or two this week, but this weekends' FORCAST for KABETOGAMA doesn't look to bad. Water temps: 54-64

Walleye fishing has still been "a few here, a few there" with the evening shallow water bite being excellent. Lindy rigs with minnows, slip-bobbers, and 1/8th oz jigs and minnows have been the trick most are using. Look for sand and shallow areas early and late, and then move into 15-25 feet of water off the islands to find some smaller walleyes for shorelunch. Vertical jigging in 15-30 feet with 1/4 or 3/8oz jig/minnow combo is producing keepers and some saugers.

Smallmouth Bass: Still not on beds, finding them casting any moving water or shorelines. Plastics and suspending lures have been the best.

Northern Pike: Seems we have an abundance of 18"-24" pike, or maybe they are in areas I'm looking for walleye. I would look to water temperature if youre truly searching for pike. Some of these shallow 5-6 feet or less large bays are in the low 60's for water temps and that should trigger minnows and perch movement...with that those big pike will be hunting. Cast minnow like presentations, again-suspending lures in this shallow water might just be the ticket to some HUGE pike.

Crappie- Seems the crappie bite is on, or maybe was on in the shallows. Beginning of the week several reports of crappies near spawning areas were coming out, not sure what the wind and heavy rain did, but worth a shot. Look for back bays with combination of sand/rock mixed in with weeds. Tom Cod Bay is always a good start, but lost bay or Namakan's Moose Bay maybe the ticket as well.

Be safe on this long weekend, I feel this weekend kick's off the tourism season- So good luck, say "hi" if you see me on the water or if you have questions about the area, I would love to help. Great accommodations and food around the lake if you need some insight let me know.

Wade Watson "Kab Kid"

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