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Bugs, rain, weather and Kabetogama Fishing...

Wade Watson, local guide is giving you a fishing report for June 22nd and days surrounding this timeframe.

Weather- rain and wind has been the focus of this week, although Kabetogama was really only affected by a day or two last week directly in our area, the flooding down by Cook and the BWCA may increase the water flowing our direction for the next week. I was told we had 3-4" of rain on Tuesday June 17th, some areas got nearly 8 to 9 inches over 24 hours.

Overall conditions, wet conditions have made mosquitoes a local bird and the honest truth is that they have been bad recently. The other thing that rain has done as made the flowing inlets and tributaries of the lake moving significant water...this brings fish into those areas.

Water temperatures 63-68 degree (surface temp.), strong bug hatch happening currently with Mayflies starting to be seen more frequently.

In general, my groups had a great week. Walleyes were primarily in two locations: 1. weed lines, in 11-16ft. 2. Open water "reefs" in 22-28ft. Leeches were the best of the live bait we used, but a good number of walleyes came off spinners and nightcrawlers. Bait in the water is now leeches, soft body crayfish (try orange colors or orange spinners), and perch.

Moving into next week, I'm worried Mayflies may take over. This is an annual thing that generally leads to very good fishing for 4-5 days (we are in that phase), then the football shaped walleyes are so gorged on food they seem to take a few days off. I think moving forward, reefs and rocky points in 22-30 feet will be the focus. Trolling lures will start to produce more pike and walleye.

Smallmouth fishermen rejoice! The bite and bug hatch has helped smallmouths bite consistently. I've been finding them in traditional rocky shorelines or near moving water using plastics and live bait. Slip bobbers produces an afternoon of fun for some guests this week when we caught nearly 15-20 bass from one location. 3-4" plastics are great way to cover ground and find fish. Look for rock piles and rocky shorelines to find smallmouth.

Pike- BIG pike should start hitting. Trolling big lures, and casting weed lines that are found near deeper water is may favorite.

Perch- lindy rigs and night crawlers along weed lines is your ticket to perch.

Good luck, give me a wave if you're on the water this week.

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Thanks for following: Wade Watson "kab kid"

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