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Best Fishing Knots: Braid and Mono

Palomar Knot: this is my go-to knot unless the eye is extremely small. Why do I like this knot...because it works for BOTH mono and braid lines without fail. One of the strongest knots for fishing, easy to tie and remember, excellent for lures or plain hooks.

Uni Knot: one of the strongest knots as well, works again with both Mono and Braid. One of the best things about the Uni Knot is that you can attach two lines together (even if different diameters). So tying your braid line to a 5-6 foot mono leader...this is your knot.

Clinch Knot & Double Clinch Knot (Trilene knot)

The clinch knot was the first knot I learned to tie fishing line onto my hook or lure. Great knot but in heavy pressure (landing the BIG one) it may I have moved onto a DOUBLE Clinch Knot which is stronger and wont slip. Easy to tie, BUT not for braid...only mono line- at least the basic Clinch Knot.

Perfection Loop Knot:

Easier to watch a video that following a diagram on this one...but I love loop knots if you want your lures or jigging raps to have MORE ACTION. This creates a small loop in front of the eye of the hook or lure to give your bait more movement.

Finally- Drop Shot Knot

If you haven't tried drop shot hooks for walleyes you may be missing fish during a tough bite. The presentation teases them and entices bites. IF you love jig fishing, you should add drop shots to your fishing game. Easy strong knot, but make sure the bait sits parallel to the bottom, presentation of your plastic or your live bait is key!

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