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Humminbird Insight-

I know a bit more than the basics of running depth/fish sonars, but often I'm trying to find the latest info on technology in the fishing industry. As I watch or read up on my Humminbird Units I'll post these links for YOU. So feel free to add, look, or review these links, that was the reason I set this page up to find some of the best links, resources, or articles on fish finders and accessories.

On my Warrior 208, I currently run 2 units on the dash (Helix 10 & Helix 12). Both are able to read my "down-imaging", "side-imaging", 360 imaging, and MEGA live (bought fall of 2023). Click on any of the links above to learn more about the imaging process...

I am a HUGE fan of Tom Boley and the video's he puts out to help others learn more. He has a number of great videos, but here are a couple to simply start locating fish on your Humminbird!


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